Trustees & Patrons


Ann Grant, Chair
Anita Scott
Baroness Amos
John Williamson
Diana Spiegelberg
Stephen Smith   


Carla Bley 
Hardeep Singh Kohli
Hugh Masekela
Jon Snow
Kwame Kwei-Armah
Ludovico Einaudi
Richard Thompson

Seriously Talented Honorary Patrons
John Surman
Jules Buckley

I am delighted that Serious’ work continues to feed my lifelong passion for music. I don’t know of another organisation that does what Serious does bringing so many people together around so many different kinds of music. Serious Trust is concerned with the future of music - and if we love music, there is no greater cause than ensuring its future.

(Jon Snow, Serious Trust Patron​)

Individual supporters of the Serious Trust 

Serious is very grateful to the individuals whose generous support underpins everything we do. 

We would like to acknowledge the following supporters for their generosity and enthusiasm for our work:

Paul and Keith Adams 
Alexander and Marina Landia 
Ann Grant 
Jeremy and Kim White Foundation 
John & Julie Williamson 
Sandra Pepera 
Martin & Diana Muirhead 
Miles & Karen Storey  
Jorg Mohaupt 
The Vernon Ellis Foundation 
N. Basden and V. Hunt 
Jonathan Silver 
Andrew Stone 
Jerry Graber 
Lew Hodges 
Gerald and Edith Holtham 
Robert Maas 
Bill and Rosie Spiegelberg 
John Hill 
Nick and Clare Thompson 
Ann and Jeremey Goodger 
Rev'd John Wates 
Terry Doyle 
Howard Lawes 
Diana Spiegelberg 
Colin Green 
Henry Gunn 
John Essam 
Julian Baggini 
Mr C Canham 
Robin Sharp 
Russell Pearce 
Sandra Teichman 
Sarah Vicary 
Karen Bowles 
Margaret Reilly 
Derek Dod 
Ido and Clara Eisenberg 
Judith Sawyer 
Aloysius Fekete 
Gerald Knight 
Glenn and Ginger Irvine 
John and Sue Heywood 
Michael Gold 
Stephanie Kulesza 
John Evans 
Ralston De Zilva 
Edward John Lee 
David Ceen 
Anthony Beagley 
Antonia Gutman 
Bruce Lowrie 
Candace Allen 
David and Gwyn Nissan 
David Hobbs
Dr Paul Harrison 
Helen Ganson 
Mike Granville 
Mike Lachowicz 
Pete Ayrton 
Stephen Daglish

Steven Wilson 
Martin Hills 
Brian Beney 
Ian Fleming 
Ian Lawson 
James Yeeles 
John Smith 
Steve Mills 
Frances Moot 
Paul Cockerell 
Dr S M Horsewood-Lee 
Gordon Kerr 
Mike Greaves 
Ruldolph Bissolotti 
John Sharp 
Doreathea Day 
Margaret Lawson 
Marion Fitzpatrick 
Marilyn Corry 
Neil Crawford 
Richard Eastman 
Roger Miles
Roger Whittaker 
Thomas Crow 
David Veale 
Dr David Halifax 
Elke Nauke 
Len Banister 
Martin Graham 
Nicholas Jackson 
Patience Tomlinson 
Paul Hadjilias 
Peter Quinn 
Phillip Harburn 
Richard Mahon 
Solomon Essah-Essel 
Stephanie D'Orey 
Stephen Williams 
Terry Williams 
Tony Parker 
Anne Horne 
A.M De Carvalho 
Hilary Clayden 
Joe Azizollah