Mobility and the movement of ideas.How culture is transmitted, adapted and transformed across tim

LONDON Kings Place (Hall Two)
90 York Way
N1 9AG


This morning’s session in Hall 2 chaired by Bidisha, looks at how culture is transmitted and the effects of globalisation on creativity.

The morning begins looking at recent ways of creating and transmitting culture such as electronic literature. Introduced by Scott Rettburg, the Associate Professor of Digital Culture at Bergen University. The session will include readings from authors Serge Bouchardon (France) and Christine Wilks (UK).

Following a break we invite you to a panel discussion on the transformation and adaptation of manuscripts and ancient literature through migration which will be led by Professors Charlotte Roueche, Rosamond McKitterick, Ad Putter and Matthias Meyer who are all representatives of projects funded by HERA looking at these themes.

This session also includes Poul Høxbro who will perform music from an ancient manuscript and explain what is involved in reading and interpreting this. The morning is rounded off by Maruska Svasek whose research has included analysing how globalising forces may stimulate or hamper creativity and cultural production. Musician Fraser Fifield will appear as part of this presentation.