Communicating the Image, Curating the Humanities

LONDON Kings Place (Hall Two)
90 York Way
N1 9AG


An undoubted highlight of the afternoon so grab your seats early.

Catwalk to the Past: A pre-historic fashion show begins this afternoon session exploring how prehistoric people were dressed, how they expressed themselves, their creativity and their identity.

Our Hall 2 host, Bidisha follows this with a discussion which considers the (surprisingly early) origins of creativity, design and fashion; what endures or fades; and the  more recent trend move to redistribution rather than continuing to create anew and more. Panellists include Joanne Sofaer, Professor Evelyn Welch and Professor Jeremy Till.

Following a break, Dr Martha Blassnigg will present on the relationship between advertising and the avant-garde, as an example of exploring the relationship between creativity and innovation within the contemporary European media sector.

The afternoon concludes with Stephen Greenberg, Creative Director of Metaphor who specialise in designing exhibitions for museums and galleries. Stephen and the other speakers will reflect on the importance of the ways in which research projects convey their findings to a wider audience and how important this may be in demonstrating the public value of the humanities.